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We All Want To Change The World

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been going through my old posts on my Facebook account and I stumbled upon a rant I wrote more than a year ago. I can’t seem to remember what came over me when I did this. Something really annoying and ridiculous must have caught my attention then. The short note is entitled “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, from Dr. Jose Rizal’s famous quote.

“Not anymore. Not with the way parents handle their kids. Not with the way the media depreciates our morals and values. Not with the way our institutions mold the minds of our youth. Not with the way technology undermines the value of hard work and manual labor. Not with the way globalization murders our sense of national pride. Not with the way our own way of thinking forces us to conform with society and give up our individuality.

Well, I think I really was pissed over something or someone when I punched those harsh lines on my laptop but I can’t remember what or who that is. I probably must have seen something dumb on T.V. or read something ridiculous on the Internet. That’s pretty common nowadays. Rant it may be, the sentiment that I had then remains pretty much the same especially when I take a closer look at all the crazy things that’s been happening not just in our country, but across the globe. Look around and see what’s going on: climate change, earthquakes, abortion, rape, price hikes, corrupt leaders, military dictators, genocide, extrajudicial killings, corporate greed. The world has become a circus of negativity and we all have front row seats to see all the action that’s been coming down.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t give a damn. The sad truth is, we are fixated with the idea that our personal growth is the most important ordeal in the entire universe. In effect, what should just be a short phase in our lives becomes an endless cycle that consumes us until we are too old enough to enjoy and live life. I think, it’s because of this selfish perspective that most of us have no deep sense of being and purpose. As a race, we are disconnected from each other with no aspirations of transcending to a higher meaning of existence. We are hindered by this infectious concept from being aware of what needs to be done to correct the things that lead us to our current state of disarray.

I admit that it’s our fault why we chose to be stuck in this daily grind. However, I can’t help but think that maybe the entire system we are exposed to from birth to death is designed to cripple us to conformity in exchange for a measly monthly fee at the expense of our freedom, passion, time and soul. In the grand scheme of things, we probably are an endless supply of laborers whose voices are contained and whose welfare are undermined. Is it possible that maybe, this quest for personal growth as employees is not an innate necessity but just a promising idea implanted into our minds to keep the system running?

I agree that work is a necessity for survival in this modern day and age. I have nothing against earning a living and I think that it is every man and woman’s lawful right to have a well-paying job that would enable him or her to start a self-sufficient life. The thing is, this never comes true for everyone who’s on a payroll. What supposedly is a reachable ambition for the common people has turned into an elusive fantasy which would probably take a lifetime to obtain. What’s worse, the improbability increases with every generation that is born. Unless we do something about it, we might end up spending the rest of our lives in an endless and unrewarding chase.

We live in a world with a flawed economic system designed to give more power to the ruling class who makes up a very small percentage of the global population. The way I see it, the rest of us who belong to the larger chunk are made to feel helpless and powerless by the need to survive by their rules. Every time we abide by them, we lose the strength of our character and will as they are replaced with a false sense of self-satisfaction inspired by mediocrity. We forget that there is a need to change the world for the better, for the common good. We then become a shell of our former selves: empty, desolate, despised.

I have no idea what it is like to be really wealthy though I admit I often dream of being filthy rich to spare me from the maddening routines of an eight to five career. It scares me to think that I might lose all these sentiments if I started getting a higher pay or better recognition in what I do since it might turn me deaf and blind to the realities faced by the working class I belong to. At this point in my life, I am heavily dependent on the system for the sake of my family especially Athan’s. I know that there will come a time that this would eventually end and that I will be able to provide for my loved ones with the fruits of my own labor, exactly the way I planned it.

There is a great need for change in our world and there is enough room for us to improve its condition. The moment we give in to the pressures and promises that are shoved upon us, then we lose the chance of making a difference in this life. It is always possible that the things we do, as long as they are driven by truth and kindness, could ignite the movement that would bring about a revolution that could positively change the way we live.

People, this is just a dream away
I see us walking to a better day
Gonna be alright when tomorrow comes
After the heat of the revolution ~ Derek Trucks Band, Revolution

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