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New Material!

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

While I was on my way to work, inspiration suddenly hit me and I thought of some lines, which I think I could turn into songs as soon as I get to my guitar. This seldom happens to me, since most of the time, I only come up with something if I’m strumming and doing some progressions as I think of what the song is going to be about. Hopefully, they turn into something decent. Here goes:

Tell me, are we free
Or are we living in somebody’s fantasy
Maybe it’s not just me
Who knows what the world’s got to be
Look around, don’t stare at the ground
Seeing’s part of the new philosophy
Maybe we can turn the world around
And free it from all the clowns
Wait, they say it’s fate
That shapes the face of our society
Maybe it’s not that profound
It just depends on you and me
Hey, it’s never too late
To make the needed change a reality
I’m longing to get to see
The world that’s meant to be
Sumisikat ang liwanag
Na kumakalat sa lupang bulag
Lantad ang kulay ng hinagpis
Sa mga matang nakatitig sa dilim
Tumutunog ang himig
Na nilimot ng mga pipi at bingi
Bigkas ang mga mahalagang salita
Sa mga tenga’t labing pinilit manahimik
Sa ano mang paraan
Sa ano mang dahilan
Kailan ma’y hindi mananaig
Ang kasinungalingan sa katotohanan

It’s depressing to listen or watch the news, be it on radio or television but for some reason, I’ve been exposing myself to it recently. I guess the negative vibes just rubbed in and I realize this is how bad I want to see some change happen in this country. Things are getting more and more ridiculous and unreasonable every day: natural disasters, price hikes, political turmoil, corruption. When will all this shit end? We spend everyday working our asses off and this is what we get from all the taxes we pay. Woosah.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on my guitar and put some melody and rhythm to them words especially on the first one. I’m still new to writing songs in English. Every song we have in Manaha is in Filipino and I think that’s a good thing. I believe writing them in our language makes the delivery of their messages sound more sincere.

I really want our country to change for the better. It’s the only one we have and the only one we can truly call our own. Too bad that most of us and maybe the best of us have forgotten that.

To end this post/rant, I’ll leave you with something I’ve been pondering for the past weeks. To those who read my online journal, I wish you a happy weekend!

Change happens only if we accept the fact that we are a crucial part of it.