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Public Service 101

April 7, 2011 2 comments

Lately, I’ve been spending a portion of my mornings listening to Senator Dick Gordon and Ms. Cheryl Cosim’s radio program, Akson Solusyon, which airs from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. daily at Radyo Singko 92.3 FM. The show has a public service format which aims to provide helpful solutions to the woes that trouble common folk. The hosts present complaints brought to their attention then they hear the thoughts of the parties involved, which eventually leads to a fair conclusion as both sides compromise. Aside from that, they also disseminate important information regarding public heath and welfare.

Yesterday, Sen. Gordon briefly talked about patriotism. I was still hungover with my previous post and I sent a message to their text hotline. It read:

“Good morning, Sen. Gordon and Ms. Cheryl. I heard you briefly discuss the love we should have for our country. I believe most of us have lost this sentiment and are driven to a state of indifference and inaction. It’s important to regain this sense of affection for our nation since it’s the spark that will give birth to the concern which eventually will turn into actions that will start the change our country needs.”

It was the first time I did something like that and surprisingly, Ms. Cheryl read my message. It really felt great to hear my thoughts on air. Sen. Gordon even agreed to my point and reiterated how important it is to have that love and concern to make good things possible for our country. What made my day was they both got my name right! Most people pronounce it as ‘Jersh’. Can’t blame them though. Think Germany.

I voted for the good senator during the last presidential elections. I think he is currently one of the most promising figures in our country along with Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is manning up his post pretty well. Though he lost the election, he has remained visible in the public eye through his current advocacies. We really need more leaders who share his vision and desire to shape the Philippines into a more stable and competitive nation.