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And They Went Away For A Day

May 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Since Ava and Athan are both in Taiwan right now, I’m left with spending the weekends by myself. As Ava would put it, I have my “Me Time”. Honestly I’m realy not used to it since I always stay with my babies on weekends. I really miss them terribly.

When I woke up this morning, I really didn’t know what to do. I decided I should have my man date with Jesus. It was a good one! I went to church at around 12 and it injected my soul with good vibes. I really needed that with all the stress from work recently. By the way, I might join a songwriting contest which will be hosted by our parish. There’s really no writing involved since the lyrics are already made. The contestants just have to add a melody to it. I hope I come up with a catchy chord progression. The selected entry wins 5,000 bucks. Ain’t that sweet?

After mass, I headed home and played Infamous for an hour. It’s really an awesome game where you play as Cole McGrath, a bike messenger turned super hero after being exposed to a mysterious object called the Ray Sphere. Doing so caused a huge explosion to the story’s fictional setting of Empire City. For some unknown reason, Cole acquired the ability to control electricity.

I’m probably 70% into the game and I can say that it really is a masterpiece. It lets you decide if you want to become the righteous do-gooder or a villainous scum bag. I’m impressed with how it reacts to your choices. Your deeds dictate your rank as a hero or villain. For my first play through, I chose the path of the good guy. Every time I move Cole around the streets of Empire City, the people react positively when they see him. Some would wave at him while others would pull out their cameras to take a snapshot of their hero.

– – –

Cole McGrath

Cole McGrath watching over Empire City

– – –

Another thing that caught my attention were the abilities that Cole gains throughout the game. He can shoot thunderbolts, glide through the air and rail-grind on train tracks and electric wires. Aside from that, he can also scale almost any structure in the city. I can only imagine the amount of time the developers painstakingly spent to get the life-like detail in the game’s physics engine. It’s these details that makes you want to come back to Empire City every time.

At around 2 p.m., an old friend and bandmate of mine, Eros Arbilon dropped by. I asked him last week if he could sing some of my songs. We haven’t jammed for almost 8 years and I was really glad that after all this time, we still clicked. We recorded two songs today. I posted Liham in one of my previous entries featuring Dawn on lead guitar. Too bad he wasn’t able to join since he had somewhere to be. You can check out the songs on my SoundCloud page. Just click on the these: Liham, Kama.

– – –

Eros Arbilon


– – –

It was a good thing to catch up with an old buddy. Eros was one of the guys from high school whom you can count on. We were in a band called Idlefrets back then and we used to cover True Faith and Stone Temple Pilots songs. We won 2nd place in our school’s battle of the bands. Mathew and his band, Braincloud won first. We reminisced on the old days and we realized how far we’ve come along with music. He now plays for the indie rock band, Away For The Day. Check them out!

We talked about how life has been for us after our jam session. He works as a film archivist for the government and I work as a programmer for a private bank. Though our jobs are different in nature, we share the same sentiments regarding the compensation that come with them. Though we try not to complain, we both agreed that there must be something better than what the world has in store for most of us. The sad thing is, we tend to be okay with the fact that the common Filipino laborer is underpaid, unrecognized and unvalued. I wonder when all of this would change. I have always believed that the greatest asset for any agency or enterprise, would be the people who spend a large portion of their day for the benefit of its existence.

Music is our saving grace from all the shit that we have to put up with. I’m glad that I had this chance to work with a good friend and do something that we have passion for. Without it, the world would truly be a sick, sad place to be in.

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be ~ John Lennon, Working Class Hero