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A Day With The Genius

April 3, 2011 2 comments

I went home to our house in Sta. Mesa today since Dawn and I scheduled a jam session so we could work on some new songs for Manaha. My friend and old bandmate, Eros Arbilon of Away for the Day was supposed to be our session vocalist in place of Chemae, however, he had to be somewhere for work.

Dawn arrived at around 2 p.m. and we immediately got to work. We warmed up with an instrumental version of Mooncake’s Payaso, which we were unfortunately not able to record. We then went on to play the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood and some of John Mayer’s lesser known songs, which we also were not able to record. Damn it!

Anyway, the song we focused on was “Liham”. It was something I wrote about a week ago. Since Eros was not around, I had to do the singing, which I really am uncomfortable doing because I really don’t sing. For the sake of having a demo, we just went ahead with it.

I’m proud of what Dawn and I came up with. I just wish Chemae and Mathew were here. It would really be easier for us to arrange our songs. Plus, we wouldn’t have to be tormented with my singing. Kudos to Dawn for his excellent guitar work on this track. The man’s a genius!

After the jam, we played a couple of quick games in NBA2k11. After two games, we ended with a draw. It was the Celtics against the Mavericks for the first game then the Suns against the Thunder for the second. My Jason Kidd gave the first game away with his turnovers. Good thing, Kevin Durant was on fire the next game. I’m really looking forward to finish this series with Dawn. Bulls vs Celtics!

By the way, here’s the link of Manaha’s new demo, Liham. Enjoy!