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Stuck In A Rut

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Last weekend, I had an interesting conversation with an old friend, Rochester Uy. He was one of my best buds from college. He was the type who you can talk to about anything without having to shy away from an awkward topic. Some people can really take the bullshit and I admire them for that. We shared our insights regarding pressing issues in our society: global warming, the irresponsible elite and corruption in our country. Talking to him made me accept the fact that we are indeed getting old and the world around us is not getting any nicer.

There were some points where we failed to see eye-to-eye, but there were instances when our perception of how things are complemented each other. Though neither of us mentioned it, we both knew that at the rate of how the quality of life in our country is diminishing, we are all FUBAR. It’s depressing to think that a country with great potential is forced to remain in a state of disarray since the attitude of its people prevents it from achieving true progress

Our country is in shambles because we have lost our love for it. I think that is the simplest explanation why we are stuck in this rut.

In almost every relationship we engage ourselves in, there exists a certain degree of love which dictates how much we can give to the one who’s at the receiving end of our affection. Our goal is to make that entity be in a state of wellness, which in turn, gives us a sense of fulfillment. This amount of love is inversely proportional with our reward expectancy for the efforts we exerted. Simply put, if we love someone or something greatly, then we expect almost nothing in return for the services we have given. Otherwise, we expect a great deal of compensation for all the time and resources we have exhausted. When it comes to our country, we have lost this honorable affection that allows one to go beyond the line of duty without having to consider the cost and consequence of standing up for the sake of our nation.

I don’t know if the last paragraph made any sense. All I’m saying is, the only way we can save our country and ourselves from going to the dogs is to learn how to truly be in love with it again. It all starts when we begin reflecting on the miserable state we are in and how we can turn it into a more suitable scenario. As long as we have that concern, there is still hope for this land and its people.

Sorry for the rant. I’m a parent so I guess I’m entitled to have these thoughts. I just want the best for Athan especially when he grows up. I want him to be able to walk the streets without the worry of being somebody’s prey. I want him to be able to fulfill his dream without being constricted by the ridiculous setbacks in our society.

They say our future lies in the hands of our children. That may be true. I prefer to think that it greatly depends on how we and others belonging to our generation will shape our present condition. I believe that our country is plagued by a lethal outbreak which forces its people into indifference and inaction. Our love for it is the only potent remedy capable of healing it from this meaningless disease.